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How To Prove You Are A Genuine Student For Immigration Purposes

How To Prove You Are A Genuine Student For Immigration Purposes

Student visas for Australia are the most common types of visas. If you are unknown to the process, you can hire a visa consultant to apply for a student visa for Australia via

When applying for a student visa to Australia one of the main criteria is to prove that you are a real student. To become real students, applicants must meet the requirements of the Migration Rules. These requirements may vary depending on the subclass of the student visa for which they have applied.

Studying in Australia and Student Visa English Language Requirements -  Scholarship Positions 2020 2021

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Individual requirements apply to demonstrate that they are real students which include English language proficiency, financial standing, and other requirements. If the applicant does not meet all the requirements, they cannot become a real student visa candidate and must obtain a refusal visa because they do not meet the requirements. 

The specific requirements that must be met differ depending on the visa subclass and the grade of the applicant. IELTS usually relies on qualification to prove that the applicant meets the required English language skills. 

However, the Department of Immigration will from time to time publish in its bulletin the remaining tests which have been recognized as valid for entry into Australia. It is usually not possible to use the results of an English language test that is completed after an application is submitted. In certain circumstances, the Immigration Service will also accept proof of passing a public school exam or university degree as proof of English language proficiency.

Due to financial requirements, the applicant must be able to pay the cost of education and training, living expenses while in Australia. The tuition fee is determined by electronic confirmation from the education provider or by offering a letter for a place.