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Explore The Poland

Month: August 2015

Best Cities To Visit In Poland

Became the 9th largest country in Europe, Poland would command the Central European belt. The previous capital of Poland was in Gniezno, which then shifted to Krakow and continued to do so for an extended period of time. 

Now is the capital of Poland, of the Province. The second-largest city in Poland is Krakow and it is one of the oldest cities in Poland. It is a major academic artistic cultural center, and is also the economic center of Poland. 

Krakow city has 18 districts and the river Vistula, running from west to east, almost split the city into two.

The city contains many places worth visiting. Some of them are

1. Wawel Hill,

2. Wawel Castle

3. -many Wawel Cathedral Polish kings are buried here.

4. Medieval old city – it has a market area 200metres

5. Jagiellonian University – a 14th-century building

6. Kazimierz – is the historical centre of Jewish religious and social life

The city has many museums and old churches

The old district of Krakow contains thousands of historic sites and one can find millions of artistic work. Some works of architecture can be seen in buildings of Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic. Several castles, houses and churches contain many architectural works and other works of art by various artists, paintings, furniture, stained glass and scripture.

One can find the Gothic Basilica of St. Mary, on the market square, which has an interesting story. This is the altar, which was built in the 14th century. Lodz is another city worth visiting in Poland. The following are visited in Lodz:

1. -a Manufaktura mall that was once a factory.

2. Piotrkowska Street – is the main street of Lodz, and commercial lines long

3. Art Museum -a modern art museum

4. Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

5. History museum Lodz

6. Muzeum Fabryki

7. Miejski Ogród Zoologiczny – is a zoo

8. Ksiezy Mlyn

9. Museum of Cinematography

10. Opera House Lodz

11. Jewish Cemetery

12. Plac Wolności

Warsaw, Poznan and Lublin are some other important cities in Poland. No other country has been trying to let go of the past and rush to embrace modern life as much as Poland.