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How To Apply For A Student Visa In Australia?

How To Apply For A Student Visa In Australia?

Many people would love to have the chance to study in Australia. This is possible, provided certain conditions are met. First, they must speak English fluently and must take part in a course. The course must also be offered by an education provider that is registered with the Australian Government to accept overseas students. 

These courses can be found at the Department of Education, Science and Training. They include both academic and vocational. There are few types of student visas that you can apply to study in Australia. You can know more about the student visa applying procedure via

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Independent ELICOS

It is for those who are enrolled in an English Language Intensive course that does not lead to an Australian award, or to any other certificates.


It is for those in primary and secondary education.

Vocational Education and Training

This covers a variety of vocational certificates and diplomas.

Higher Education

This includes graduate and undergraduate degrees.

Postgraduate Research

It is for those who are doing Masters research or a doctorate.

The country from which the applicant is applying for a student visa will determine how they are assessed. Based on past behavior, the assessment level indicates how likely a student will be to comply with visa conditions. Assessment levels are from 1-5. Higher levels require more evidence to support the visa application.

A number of conditions are required to be granted a Student Visa in Australia. The most important is that they must have adequate health insurance, and must continue their education.