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Paint Stripping the Easy Way

Cleaning paint, and particularly removing paint from wood, is one of the least idle and is often avoided. The thought of using chemicals and heat alone is enough to turn anyone against the task. Quick fixes often just involve painting old paint to hide the problem.

There is a new innovative product on the market. Infrared paint strippers use radiant heat to make paint removal easy, fast, and highly effective. You can also look for the best paint stripper via

Paint Stripping the Easy Way

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Paint stripper can be used for:

– Removes putty when the paint and putty is softened and the risk of window damage is limited

– Removes floor paint from wood planks and removes old linoleum glue

– Pull out furniture for restoration purposes or simply to remove natural wood

– Remove paint from floors, doors, windows, furniture, or boats

Infrared heat quickly and effectively softens paint, making it easier to remove. This not only removes paint but also keeps the wood substrate completely clean and dry, which now saves a lot of time.

The paint stripper not only saves time removing paint, but the use of multiple accessories also adds to the convenience. A hands-free kit is available which allows the user to remove paint by attaching the gun to the mount so you can use both hands. Paint stripper makes the environment more friendly to remove paint.

Auto Painting Tips – Auto Paint Protection and Care

I remember when I first bought my new car I was amazed by the look of the new paint job and knew I was going to make the paint look good from now on. Well 3 years later, I saw a car that had big splashes and dirt on it. The most important thing for car enthusiasts is that your paint is kept neat and protected.

You can buy automotive supply from the manufacturer like Colad products NZ. Here are some tips on how to protect and care for your paint:

The most obvious advice in this article is to wash your car. I know it probably shouldn't be mentioned, but even I get lazy from time to time and can't get out and wash my car. I would not use a car wash as it could accidentally scratch your vehicle's paint. Often times you need to wash your car before doing anything else, like cleaning it with wax mask or mixture and / or clay.

You can use a wax mask to make sure that no dirt or grime gets into the pores of the paint when they are opened by the heat. When waxing your car, wash your car first so it can remove dirt and debris. Applying the car by car also extends the life of the transparent coating, and half of it protects you from minor scratches.