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When to Approach an Immigration Lawyer?

When to Approach an Immigration Lawyer?

The law that governs the admission, status and entry of persons who wish to move to the USA is called immigration law. Immigration lawyers are also known as attorneys. Millions of people move to the USA every year for various reasons, such as to pursue their education or to work or to obtain dependent visas. 

No matter what reason, immigration is essential if you want to live in the USA permanently or temporarily. This is where an immigration lawyer can play a crucial role. It is not necessary that you hire a lawyer. Although you can do the job on your own, hiring a lawyer will speed up the process. You can contact trusted immigration lawyers in Phoenix at Milovic Law firm.

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If you are rejected the first time, hiring a lawyer will increase your chances of being approved for the second. However, an immigration lawyer may not be required if you travel to the USA to pursue student visa studies. If you get a job, your employer will employ a lawyer to handle the legalities. You don't need to hire a lawyer if you're visiting the country on a visa.

Instead, contact your local embassy for permission. You will need one if your goal is to apply for a green card, or to permanently move to the USA. When filling out the application, you will be asked whether you have been involved in any criminal cases. You could face deportation if you hide any criminal convictions.

Your fingerprints and other information will be kept in the records, and immigration officers can access them. Even if you have a criminal record or are facing court proceedings, tell them all details.