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Types Of Freight Transportation

Types Of Freight Transportation

Freight means a payment or charge paid for carriage or transportation of goods by means of air, land, or sea. Transportation is the movement of humans, animals, goods from one location to another. Freight transportation is defined as the paid process of moving the merchandise, goods, cargo, and other products from one place to another through the use of wheeled vehicles.

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Types of freight transportation:

There are four major types of freight transportation that can be utilized depending on the type of goods or merchandise to be delivered, the size of the good, the location of the shipment or delivery, and the time that the goods are needed to reach their destination.

  • Road transportation-It is the type of freight transportation over land usually through the means of a commercial vehicle or truck. It is the commonly used means of product delivery especially when the destination where the goods will be delivered can be easily reached using the wheeled vehicle.
  • Rail transport- It utilizes the same principle as road transportation which is transporting goods or merchandise from one place to another by land means. The only difference is between the two is that road transportation has an extensive route network to follow while rail transport has a specific route.
  • Ocean transport- This is the type of transport method that involves seas, oceans, or other bodies of water as a path for shipping goods and merchandise. This is the most common form of transport for imports and exports that globally transports goods.