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End Grain Butcher Blocks Makes the Best Chopping Boards

When you think of a chopping block the first thing that pops into your thoughts is the classic wooden one. As time passes and we have the development of new technologies everywhere we go, it is only natural that the technologies for kitchens change and evolve also. There are currently three primary materials that are used to create cutting boards for the kitchen. 

These are plastic, wood glass, and plastic. There are two kinds of wood used in the industry, end grain wood, and flat grain. Wooden butcher blocks with end grain blocks are the most prestigious of cutting boards. Each piece of wood is laid out so that its grain is upwards and downwards at the ends grain wood. You can buy the best chopping boards via

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In this kind of board, the wood's grain splits when the knife comes into contact with the board's surface in the cutting process. It isn't cutting through the wood on the board, but it is actually cutting between the fibers, which can protect any surface on the board as well as maintain the edge for the cutting tool. 

The cutting board with the flat grain is constructed from wood boards which are laid out horizontally in a way that those edges on the board provide the cutting surface cutting. The cutting board is typically reverse-able to extend the lifespan of the cutting board.