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Choosing Exercise Equipment For Your Home Gym

A folding weight bench is an excellent solution for anybody who loves weight training at home but does not have the room to do so. These benches offer a lightweight alternative to free weights that are very popular at the moment. The two top folding weight benches on the market are the Powerline PFID 125X and Body Solid GFID 225.

There are two types of folding weight benches, see full list on There is the fixed height, which means the bench does not fold away and you must manually adjust the height as you exercise. The adjustable weight bench which also folds away and can be adjusted from side to side. These benches provide an excellent alternative to free weights and their convenience means they are often used by professional weightlifters. They are often used in multi-purpose workout rooms, especially for those who need a place to keep their workout benches out of the way when not in use.

There are a few different advantages of using these workout benches, regardless of whether they are used with free weights or adjustable weight bench presses. For starters, they are highly portable. Just because you have them folded up does not mean they cannot be transported around easily and are not limited to just being stored in a gym bag. This can be extremely helpful for those who need to travel to the gym or have spotty workout spaces. The fact that they can be folded away makes it easy for people to put them away when not in use.

Some Olympic weightlifting and bodybuilding workouts may include a lot of squatting. If this is something that is done often then having the Olympic folding weight benches can make life a lot easier. They fold up into a neat manageable size and make it very easy for you to take the bench along when you travel. Or perhaps you travel a lot for your job and find yourself cramming in as much workout time in a day as you can possibly get. If this is something that often takes place then these benches are a must have.

Some Olympic weightlifting workouts will require the use of both dumbbells and an adjustable bench. The fold up Olympic folding weight benches allow you to transport the bench with ease and have it ready to use when it is needed. In some cases, using an adjustable bench will require the use of heavy duty cable straps to keep the bench in the correct position. These cables would be impossible to transport without some type of support.

In some gyms the use of foldable benches has become almost mandatory. The Olympic weight benches are excellent at handling large amounts of weight. The wide base provides ample support and the ability to keep the entire weight of the bench on the floor. The wide bench provides an excellent workout for the whole body. You can do many more exercises on these than you could on a traditional bench or even a free weight set.

When looking at purchasing exercise equipment folding benches are definitely a step above your ordinary treadmill, elliptical, or other stationary exercise equipment. These pieces of home gym equipment are ideal for any serious gym member or for the home fitness enthusiast. You can enjoy working out from the comfort of your home without worrying about space or the cost of daily repairs. If you do have a small exercise room then the Olympic weight benches may be the perfect piece of home gym equipment for you.

Folding weight benches come in many different sizes with many different features. Some feature a two-way adjustable bench, where you can adjust the weight as low or high as you like. Other benches feature a single-way adjustable bench that allows you to manually adjust the weight to your desired level. And most come with a padded backrest for extra comfort and safety.