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Waste Conversion For Resource Recovery – Terminology, Infrastructure, Regulation and Standards

The New Hierarchy

It seems absurd to pay for our National Resources to be in a hole, pay to keep them there, and then pay again to get virgin resources back into our supply chain. Anyone who has witnessed the indiscriminate "trashing" in our environment knows that today's best management practices represent a significant improvement on past disasters.

If the goal is to reduce the amount and toxicity of the residual waste, then sanitary disposal can be done through either state-of-the-art landfilling or incineration. Wastes are "rendered into ash". The most effective is excess oil reuse.

oil and gas workers

Now we have the means to "unbaked" that complicated residual waste accumulation using a variety of methods which can be called reverse manufacturing. These processes are used to disassemble and prepare waste components to be remanufactured as New Goods.

This ability can be called molecular reclamation if it is used properly as a last resort to disposal in an organized Waste. Different types of materials can be recycled through this process. 

Management Hierarchy Recovery

Recently, the European Union updated its Waste Management Hierarchy. They have now officially added a fifth step of preference in their overall schema for waste-management-by-choice: Reduce, reuse, recycle, recover. Logic wins; we can only hope that our national common sense follows suit.

Conversion for the Optimal Recovery

Two parts are required for the conversion of discarded materials at the molecular scale to recover intrinsic resources:

(1) technology must permit access to intermediary products so that chars, liquids, and/or gas can be sampled and characterized.

(2) operation mode must be used to perform interception, characterization, and modification, in order to make sure that the information feedback loop that intermediary sampling facilitates is actually followed upon.