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What Are The Best Exercise Bikes Of 2022?

In recent years exercise bikes and at home stationary spin bikes have seen a rise in popularity. Peloton is the one brand name that sticks out and many people associate with this fitness trend, but there are many competing brands grabbing a share of the market. TailHappyTV has become a leading YouTube channel and website dedicated to reviewing and comparing Peloton bike alternative options for potential consumers looking for the correct top rated exercise bike for their needs. Often times individuals are seeking an at home Peloton workout experience, but simply don't have thousands of dollars to spend on premium workout equipment and expensive recurring membership fees.

One could easily spend in excess of $3,000 on their first year with a Peloton bike including the equipment and membership fees, but TailHappyTV was quick to point out a very similar experience could be had for a fraction of the cost. A good quality home exercise bike can be had for under $500, and membership fees can be reduced to under $200 per a year, or even to zero if Peloton membership access is not desired. Some of the popular brands that TailHappyTV has covered include: Echelon, Stryde, NordicTrack, Yosuda, Keiser, Joroto, Cyclace, MYX fitness, Sunny, and more. The exercise bikes featured on the channel and website boast a wide variety of features and price-points. If you're in the market for one of the top rated exercise bikes for 2022 you may benefit from reading or watching TailHappyTV reviews to learn the pros and cons of each and which stationary spin bike may be the right choice for you.