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Reasons Behind Strom Water Drain Blockages In Auckland

A significant percentage of drains blocking is over fifty years old, so they are often clogged and cause a flood-like scene. In addition, earthquakes and hurricanes destroy drainage structures that are already weak over time. There may be several other reasons for clogged drains.

Let's look at some of them.

Excess water entering the sewer during a storm

The storm caused severe damage to the sewers. Almost everything from droppings to dead animals to dead leaves to cables gets stuck in the sewer system after a storm. Therefore, you need to carefully inspect the drains after a storm. Try to take help from best stormwater drain cleaning services if you find anything suspicious in the drain after a storm.

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Problems with newly built houses in the area

Builders face several problems when constructing sewers for new homes and offices due to lack of space. Somehow most fail to build drainage systems that will withstand debris, human waste, severe storms, and rainwater, and earthquakes.

Leftover food is dried along the line

Unknowingly, large amounts of edible and edible fat from the kitchen go into the sewer system every day. These tiny bits of food continue to collect from the inside of the tube and begin to cause a blockage. To avoid this, you need to remove food particles before putting them in the dishwasher/sink. Use gratings and drainage covers if necessary.