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What do you mean by safe product owner?

Product owners work behind the scenes at your company. You are trying to involve several departments in the production process. They rotate multiple records and balance multiple team members to ensure the best products are delivered to customers.

While the product manager is future-oriented and interacts with the customer, the product owner is behind and interacts with the various departments that work together on product development.

The Product Owner is responsible for ensuring that customer priorities and requirements are taken into account in the development and production of new products. You can get detailed information about safe product owners at

Six Types of Product Owners | Roman Pichler

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The product owner is the liaison between stakeholders and the team that works on the project on a daily basis. The product owner determines the user history and its recurrence. You and the product manager are responsible for contributing to the vision and roadmap.

Small businesses can potentially get away with combining product owners and product managers. However, as your business grows, you will need individuals for each role.

The product owner is not necessarily present at every meeting, for example, a Scrum Master, but he or she knows all the decisions and meetings of the product manager.

The Product Owner must:

  • Set a deadline
  • Set the release date
  • Manage procrastination
  • Define user story