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What Are The Benefits Of Different Types of Microblading Needles & Blades

There are many types of microblading tools. You need to choose the right type of needle for good results. Older skin tends to be less resilient and thinner than younger skin.

It is also possible to recognize how your client's skin texture, elasticity, and collagen levels affect their age. It can be hard to identify the epidermis and choose the best microblading needles. 

There are many types of needles.Microblading syringe  consists of many small needles that are connected together to form a blade. There are two kinds of row blades. One is a dual-row blade and one has fewer hooks. Elastic or difficult blades are possible. Different contours can be found on the total blade.

microblading needles

The blades can move between 7 inches and 28 hooks. To indicate depth, the number is increasing. Each blade has its advantages.

  • 7-pin CFM Blade: This could be the strongest microblading needle that you have ever used. This blade is ideal for precise work and sculpting brows. This blade is ideal for fine hair.

  • 12-pin CFM Blade: This is the most frequently used microblading needle. This blade is ideal for creating moderately long eyebrow hairs with moderate depth.

  • 14-pin CFB Blade: This blade is great for creating thicker eyebrows. These blades can create shorter hair spans than regular blades. This allows you to design the perfect eyebrow.

So choose the blade according to your needs and preference.