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Electric Low-Speed Vehicle Recorded New Highs

Approval of new electric cars peaked in 2016 with more than 750,000 sales worldwide. There are already many manufacturers of low-speed electric vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.

Together with electric transportation solutions such as e-bikes, e-golf carts, and e-motorcycles, the industry is forming a growing market for slow electric vehicles. It has been found that low-speed electric vehicles are more energy-efficient than conventional vehicles. If you’re looking for more information about low-speed vehicle check this out.

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Among the two main types of electric vehicles; Low-speed vehicles have been actively favored by EV users because they don't require legal procedures like high-speed options and, most importantly, cost much less than high-speed EVs.

Rapid urbanization in developed and developing countries such as the United States, China, Australia, and others offers players in the wheelchair industry further opportunities to meet the infrastructure needs for economic mobility. 

Modern luxury companies thriving around the world are likely to increase demand for golf carts and electric vehicles that are slow in the neighborhood to travel to nearby locations. 

This vehicle is designed for use in a protected environment and on roads with a maximum speed of 40 km/h. Currently, these vehicles are not subject to the same federal passenger protection requirements as passenger cars.

For example, US and Canadian federal motor vehicle safety agencies have harmonized their regulations and set maximum speeds for these vehicles, but state and local road authorities have set maximum road speeds and intersection characteristics at which these vehicles may be permitted.