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Smoke Alarm – Japanese Wasabi Odour

Have you ever eaten Japanese food? I know I have it and I really like it. Especially the sushi and sashimi. Great taste, fragrant rice and a hint of spicy wasabi horseradish mustard. That's right, the green paste under the fish was wasabi. If you've tasted it, you know that if you eat too much it will go straight into your nose like a bullet and your eyes will water. 

Wasabi foreign response is to provide the flavorful nutrition that is an essential part of Japanese cuisine.A clever scientist from Japan has taken the "smell" of wasabi as it stings your nose and turned it into an amazing new product to help deaf people in the event of a fire. As he ate a bit, a light flashed through his head and he suddenly thought, I have a great idea how this might help a deaf person in the event of a fire.

Image source: Google

Can you guess what invention they made? Let me save you from your misery. They attached it to a smoke detector for the deaf. The alarm still sounds and flashes as a warning, but it also emits a spray of wasabi extract into the room.

The spray is a concentrated form of extract and has a very strong horseradish odor that appears right next to your nose, alerting those around you that the system has detected smoke. Even when you are sleeping, the smell is so strong and has such an effect on your nose and throat that you wake up immediately.

The company behind the product says it will wake you up in a minute. And it is a known fact that if you are sleeping and a fire breaks out, the smoke can kill you very quickly. So fast that most people wouldn't wake up even though their room was filled with smoke. This usually kills you in a house fire.