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How to Protect Your Business from Social Engineering Attacks

At the heart of most ransomware attacks are hackers' social engineering tactics, in which a person or individual is manipulated to access company systems and personal information. Social engineering plays a role in the human willingness to believe.

For cybercriminals, this is the easiest way to gain access to private corporate systems. Why should you spend time guessing someone's password when you can easily ask for it yourself? You can also browse online to know about the best San Antonio IT services.

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Social Engineering Scams Your Employees Need To Know About


The main tactics for ransomware hackers today usually come in the form of emails, chats, web ads, or websites that are supposed to represent real systems and organizations. The messages in these emails are often crafted to convey a sense of urgency and importance.


Like phishing, persuasion means offering something of interest to the end user in exchange for personal information. "Feeds" come in a variety of forms, both digital, such as music or movie downloads, and physical, such as a branded flash drive labeled "Q3 2016 Executive Salary Summary" available to end users.

Quid Pro Quo

Considerations, such as considerations, include requests for the exchange of personal data, but services. For example, an employee could receive a call from a hacker introduced as a technology expert and offer free IT support in exchange for credentials.


When an unauthorized person physically follows an employee in a limited company zone or system. The most common example of this is when a hacker calls an employee to keep the door open because he forgot his RFID card.