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All About Fertigation System

Fertigation is a process in which fertilizers are dissolved and distributed along with water in drops or spray irrigation. There is abundant research available that supports fermentation excellence compared to traditional fertilizer techniques.

To get a fresh lawn and the healthiest plant and shrubs, microdoses are the way to go. Also, you can get the best greenhouse fertigation machines which can help to grow the best crops.

The basics of fertigation systems

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Fertigation becomes widely accepted in this industry due to the fact that the system is designed correctly to do work accurately, economically, easy to install, save time, energy and most importantly, will save your money.

The right system will eliminate waste, mud, and residue. This allows one fertility rate of "fishermen", and will monitor the level of fertilizer applied.

Fertigation is a simple solution to balance basic nutrients that are consistent on the ground.

Efficient fertigation will efficiently maintain the optimal supply of specific nutrition, especially in sandy soil which has a little original fertility, and in addition, reducing nutritional and volatilization washing which is usually related to granular fertilizer time releases, the best will result in the absorption rate of 40- 50%.

Fertigation also reduces the need for fertilizer. Fermentation does it with a low-dose proportion of fertilizer to irrigation water. As mentioned earlier, research shows that plants can more efficiently absorb fertilizer nutrition when mixed with water.

Compare this with fertilizing mass broadcasts where the amount of excessive fertilizer is applied topically and only through rainfall or irrigation watering is fertilizer dissolved in the soil.