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Robots in The Medicine – Patient Simulators

HPS simulation robot

The HPS robot dummy (Human Patient Simulator) is the most functional model of a robot simulator, which has a number of unique design features and functional characteristics that have no analogues in the world.

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1. Monitoring

There is an interface for connecting real medical bedside patient monitor of the main manufacturers to display indicators of blood pressure, cardiac output, ECG and body temperature.

2. Gas exchange

The robot of this version is capable of consuming oxygen, emitting carbon dioxide, and also with the option "Anesthesia" absorb or emit nitrous oxide and other substances in accordance with the principles of absorption and distribution.

The concentration of gases on the exhale can be measured using standard anesthesiology ventilators used in medical practice.

3. Artificial lung ventilation

Ventilation of the lungs in various modes leads to a corresponding emission of exhaled CO2, which will be displayed on external monitors.

Spontaneous, assisted, or mechanical ventilation can be combined with one another with the patient's corresponding physiological feedback, including airway pressure.

4. Eyes

The eyes of the robot are equipped with pupils that respond to light. The eyelids open and close depending on physiology and pharmacology, whether he is conscious or not. There is a reaction of the pupils to the light, dying in the process of "dying" of the patient.


The pulse is felt on the carotid, brachial, femoral, radial popliteal arteries. The pulse changes automatically depending on blood pressure.