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An Overview on Essential Cocktail Glasses

When you think about cocktails, you probably envision not only drinks but cocktail glasses. This is because cocktail glasses can add to the overall appearance of the beverages. In addition, some drinks are better served in certain types of glasses. Therefore, understanding the type of drink to serve in a given glass can not only enhance the presentation of your cocktails, but it can also enhance the flavor of your drinks.

Essential Cocktail Glasses

Arguably the most famous glass for serving cocktails is the cocktail glass, also called the martini glass. This "Y" shaped glass is designed to keep a drink cold without ice. cocktail funny shot glasses have long stems. Stems not only lend beauty to glasses, but stems are also practical. By holding the stem of the glass rather than the glass itself, you will transfer less heat to the drink. A classic cocktail glass should not be larger than 5.5 ounces.

Who can think about champagne in any form without thinking about flutes? Look for long-stemmed glasses that carry between six to eight ounces.

Having a long stem pulls another well-known glass into the cocktail family: the wine glass. Wine glasses are perfect for serving blended drinks. Choose a tall, long-stemmed wine glass that can hold at least 8.5 ounces.

Highball glasses are another cocktail essential. Also called Collins glasses or long drink glasses, highball glasses are tall and relatively thin, although shapes can vary. You will also find highball glasses in several sizes. Think in terms of lots of ice and lots of cocktails, so look for at least ten-ounce glasses.

You may hear old-fashioned glasses referred to as rock glasses, whiskey tumblers, or shot glasses. These glasses are short, squat favorites with heavy bases and are used for drinks that do not require as much ice as those served in highball glasses.