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What is a commissary kitchen

Are you a food entrepreneur looking for the right space to cook up your brand? Are you a restaurant owner looking for a solution to your pizza business? You might be wondering, what is a commissary kitchen and how could it benefit me? 

Commissary kitchens are commercial kitchens available to rent from third parties which can be set up in any location such as a ghost kitchen in Austin. You can also rent a commissary kitchen in Austin via They provide all the equipment that their renters need. From stainless steel countertops to food truck parking, they cover your culinary needs.

Who uses commissary kitchens?

Anyone who uses a commissary kitchen likely has one thing in common: a passion for food. That passion can take many forms. These are some, but not all of the kinds of people and foodservice operators who might rent a commercial kitchen space:

• Bakers

• Food truck vendors

• Restaurant chains

• Local restaurants

• Food entrepreneurs

• Energy Bar developers

• Caterers

Why do they use commissaries? It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. The reasons are as varied as the shapes of pasta. Yet, like pasta, the reasons often come down to similar ingredients. 

Food truck owners might use commissaries to prepare food if their state doesn’t allow them to cook in their trucks. Restaurants can use them to produce a delivery-only menu or to supplement a commercial kitchen space that’s too small for their needs. Entrepreneurs can use them to test new recipes and launch delivery-only food brands.