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Canadian Politics And News For Canada

Canadian politics and news can be confusing to figure out, much less keep up with. Find out what you need to know in this article about the trends of the Canadian prime ministers. Politics in Canada is a complex and ever-changing field. Whether it be the latest in Canadian politics or global news, our blog section has you covered.

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In the province of Quebec, the Parti Quebecois (PQ) has been in power since 1976. The PQ is a right-of-center party that is supportive of Quebec's independence from Canada. In 2014, the PQ was defeated by the Liberal Party of Quebec, which was led by Philippe Couillard. The Liberals are a center-left party that is favoring closer ties between Quebec and Canada.

In the province of Ontario, the Liberal Party has been in power since 2003. The Liberals are a center-left party that is supportive of stronger ties between Ontario and Canada. They have introduced several pieces of legislation designed to strengthen ties between Ontario and Canada, including the harmonization of health care and tuition fees between Ontario and Canadian universities. In 2014, the Liberal Party was defeated by the Progressive Conservative Party, which was led by Patrick Brown. The Progressive Conservatives are a right-of-centre party that is supportive of Canadian sovereignty and closer ties with the United States.

In the province of British Columbia, the Green Party has been in power since 2008. The Green Party is a left-of-centre party that is supportive of economically liberal policies and socially progressive ones.