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What Temperature Is Best For Clones?

The ideal temperature to encourage root growth and maintain plant health is 22-23 degrees, both for root and shoots media. If the temperature is too low, the plant and its roots will slow down – and it could eventually lead to death, especially if your clone doesn't develop its first roots.

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If the temperature gets too high, your cannabis branches, like any other plant, can be subjected to heat stress. This closes their stomata and interferes with gas exchange.

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This will slow down plant productivity and make your clones take longer to be ready to transplant. In addition, high temperatures encourage mold in your root environment, which can quickly ruin your gardening plans.

What is the best humidity level for clones?

Because the new clones don't have roots to absorb water and stay hydrated, they use their leaves to draw moisture out of the air.

To prevent stress from drying out, it's important to keep the humidity in the 90-100% range so that you get as much moisture as needed. Lower humidity is acceptable, but it will reduce the chances of survival.

After a few days, you should start gradually lowering the humidity levels, which will stimulate root growth while ensuring the plant stays hydrated.

If you see rapid wilting, it means that the clone is experiencing uncomfortable low humidity levels and needs to be scaled up.