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Why Boot Camp Workouts Are the Best Fat Loss Exercises

The boot camp has steadily gained popularity over the years for the simple reason that their exercise is well structured and reported to burn more calories than all other forms of physical exercise such as running, aerobics, jogging, cycling, etc. Boot camp workouts are unique as they entail constant switching over to a variety of positions and working each muscle with bodyweight exercises.

Boot camp workout is very different from traditional exercises and is far more demanding. They stress the upper and lower body muscles as also the abdomen giving a complete workout leading to a super-fast fat loss. It may be worthwhile to understand how most of the boot camp workouts are structured and what makes them the best fat loss workouts ever:

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1. The first step is to conduct a quick fitness assessment to ascertain where your health condition will accept the workouts and rigorous physical exercises or any modifications that may be required.


2. Initially fix specific short-term fitness goals, measurable in 4-6 weeks that you can accomplish with relative ease. The idea of having short-term goals is it makes it easier to stay focused without undue exertion.

3. Start with ten standard exercises recognized as the basis of all these exercises. After you can do these ten basic exercises comfortably then it is a green signal to advance to more challenging boot camp exercises that burn fat quickly.

4. Navigate all your physical exercises to meet your fitness level and gradually scale your practice. It is necessary to ensure you exercise with the highest intensity as far as your body can handle without any inconvenience or harm.

The secret to a healthy and fit body also includes involving ourselves in boot camp workouts or boot camp vacations that help in keeping us in good shape. The boot camp fitness program varies from individual to individual and helps in attaining the target.