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A Central Heating Boiler

One of the most cost-efficient methods that can be used to heat any building is perhaps the Central heating boiler system. The main component of the central heating system is the central heating boiler, which creates the heat supplied to the entire building.

Knowing exactly how the central heating controls works, along with the various types of boilers, will help you to make a more informed decision, when it comes to installing heating systems for your business or residence.


The boilers generate heat that is created through the heating of water. The energy is supplied through the combustion of fuels such as natural gas, heating oil by electrical energy. The hot water is then distributed to other outlets, such as the faucets, showers, or where it can redistribute the heat to rooms with radiators or heated elements, or the air vents and ducts.

Depending on the size and layout of the building, you can install more than one central heating boiler to service different areas of the building. The temperature of the individual areas can be controlled with programmable thermostats.

The central heating boiler system provides an increasing amount of flexibility, where it becomes easier to integrate additional components. It is easy to add additional systems such as automated controls units' that control the heating of your home. The controls can be programmed to heat specific zones and areas at specific times and can result in a considerable amount of savings in energy costs over an extended duration.