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Prominent Custom Prismatic Ion Batteries

Prominent Custom Prismatic Ion Batteries

The prismatic lithium batteries have cells wrapped in aluminum or steel mainly for the purpose of increasing stability. Due to this unique design and construction, prismatic lithium batteries are typically very thin, very light, and offer space efficiency.

Because of the rectangular shape of the prismatic Li-battery, it offers much better plating than the other options, they usually give engineers a greater degree of flexibility in designing products that will one day incorporate prismatic batteries as a power source. The prominent custom prismatic ion batteries are commonly found in smartphones, tablets, and similar electronic devices where mobility is important.

Lithium Polymers

However, the prismatic design comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to what happens when things go wrong. For example, if a cell in a prismatic battery fails for any reason, the entire battery circuit inside will be seriously damaged. Since cells are combined in series and parallel in a cylindrical battery, other designers and technicians don't have to worry about this problem.

The prismatic cells are in a rectangular box. The electrodes are arranged or in a flat spiral. They are usually designed to have a very thin profile for use in small electronic devices such as cell phones. Prismatic cells offer better use of space at the expense of slightly higher production costs, lower energy density, and greater susceptibility to swelling. However, this is a minor effect that is not a major disadvantage.

Prismatic cells increase space utilization and enable flexible designs, but can be more expensive to manufacture, less efficient in thermal management, and with a shorter life cycle than cylinder designs.