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Professionalism in Window Cleaning – Splash Protection

Professionalism in Window Cleaning – Splash Protection

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges of window cleaners is their ability to stay dry. Cleaning windows is a dirty job that usually causes some to get too wet if you don't take the necessary steps to prevent them from getting wet. You can hire professional window cleaners in Santa Barbara to get a clean and dry window. 

How to Clean Windows After Construction - Weston Window Cleaning

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Most beginner window cleaners get very wet and don't think about the fact that this can be a very unprofessional aspect of the job. It's unprofessional to appear drenched and nasty at your job. It is also frivolous and potentially problematic for property owners to get wet.

Usually, the feet where the holster is placed are wet from too much water, either in the washcloth or in the holster bucket. The water flows from the bucket and down to your feet. Your pants or shorts are wet and if you lean in them they can get wet. When you're dirty and wet, the problem is worse.

Customers will worry if they get wet in your home or business. You may even wonder how professional you are and whether you work haphazardly because you are a mess. Window cleaners that have been around for a long time usually don't get wet.

There are several things you can do to keep yourself from getting wet. Part of the problem is technology. When you put the wash stick in the bucket, make sure to lay it straight up and down. If the washing machine is running on its side, water may run up the rim of the bucket, run down the bucket and down your feet.