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Photo Rejuvenation And LED Light Therapy For Beautiful Skin

Photo Rejuvenation And LED Light Therapy For Beautiful Skin

A light-emitting diode is an electronic device that produces light when an electric current passes through it. Most commonly they are used in flat panel displays, digital clocks, flashlights, and as general light sources. That way it's not the least bit dangerous or invasive.

However, in Europe, LEDs have been used successfully for the treatment of muscle pain, scarring, and wound healing for about 50 years. You can also avail the benefits of LED light therapy online via

This technology works by stimulating body tissues to convert light energy into cellular energy. It promotes the production of collagen and cells that remove excess pigmentation or scar tissue. This advanced technology is non-invasive and does not cause thermal damage to the skin. Yet it is strong enough to overturn old or damaged skin.

In my opinion, more modern machines are not manual and have many settings depending on the skincare treatment used. Studies show that a combination of red and infrared light is the best for successfully treating wrinkles or age spots.

LED light therapy not only works well on the face but can also be easily performed on other skin areas, such as the neck and arms.

Most people see results right away, but it usually takes at least three treatments before you see a big difference. The effects are cumulative, as many will attest, and although they are gradual, you can expect healthy, glowing skin in a relatively short period of time. Your skin health will continue to improve with each visit and can even be done every week without any side effects.