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New YouTube Features for Content Creators

New YouTube Features for Content Creators

YouTube is now planning to release a new feature to help content creators improve the videos they add to their channel.  You can search for online video content creators at to target the right audience. Here are the next steps:

Better commenting system

Comments are an important part of your YouTube channel. This gives you an idea of what your audience is thinking and allows you to engage with them. 

Notifications for channel participants

There are billions of users on YouTube, and most of them subscribe to their favorite channels. When you post new content on your channel, you can use the feature of notification to inform your subscribers.

Subscribed feeds quick access

As a content creator, you can check your subscription feed to see who viewed your content. That way, you can show who your loyal followers and observe customer loyalty.

Improved apps

Since we're always on the move, the app will also get some improvements. This is faster and gives you access to more analysis tools. This information can help you know what improvements need to be made and how to engage your followers.

Manage videos wherever you are

The ability to update thumbnails from your phone or tablet. You can also turn off or enable video revenue earning on your mobile device.

360-degree video

As Go-Pro videos grew in popularity, YouTube added new features to add dimension to the content that users watch. 3D features are also coming.