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Motion Design: How Motion Graphics Influence User Experience In Malaysia?

Motion Design: How Motion Graphics Influence User Experience In Malaysia?

Many people are unaware of what precisely the term ‘motion design’ means. Let’s shed a little light on it. First, the term ‘motion design’ is a short form for ‘motion graphic design.’ As the name suggests, it is made of three elements: motion, graphics, and design. It is a combination of graphics that are moving in space and time.

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As technology continues to produce innovative solutions in the world of experimental design, motion design is becoming more common. It was originally used as an application for filmmaking and video production with animation and visual effects. Some of the most common examples of motion designs are:

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•             Animated films,

•             Videos,

•             Animated text,

•             Web-based apps.

Designers use a variety of software and other tools to create animated graphics. One of the most popular tools used by motion graphic designers is Adobe After Effects, which lets you create and modify graphics with additional time elements.

Adobe Flash is also used to create motion designs for web-based applications. Other professional motion graphics tools are Maxon Cinema4D and Softimage.

The typical motion designer must be trained in graphic design and be skilled at integrating elements of time, sound and space into existing models. Most motion designers have a film or animation background, which makes the job more comfortable.