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How to Keep Your Request for Proposal (RFP) Process on Track

How to Keep Your Request for Proposal (RFP) Process on Track

Request Proposal is a document that requests a proposal from outside organizations to provide commodities or services. RFPS examples include retail businesses that request advertising agents to create advertising campaigns, non-profit organizations who seek assistance with grant writings, and government organizations request proposals from the contractor for the construction of buildings.

Because there are various applications for the RFP process, there is no right formula for success in each setting. You can hire the best RFP response management to win RFP successfully.

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Although there are no very easy formulas, following the steps described below will take you on the right track – especially because you can adjust each step for your special organization, use the Lucid graph to visualize and document your specific workflows along the way.

1. Assemble your team

The first of the request for proposal process steps is to establish the team responsible for the RFP. This team should include key stakeholders, the person who will actually draft the RFP, the parties who will review the RFP. The project manager makes sure the RFP process stays on track, meets deadlines, and avoids potential roadblocks.

2. Develop a timeline

After assembling your team, bring everyone together to establish a timeline for the RFP process—when any necessary research should be done, when the first RFP draft should be completed, when key stakeholders need to review the draft, when the final RFP should be sent out, and when you should stop taking responses. 

3. Write the RFP

With timelines established, the member of the team assigned to write the RFP can then do any necessary research and draft the RFP. A successful RFP should follow this structure to fully illustrate what is expected from those who will be responding to your RFP.