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Green Gemstones, What Are They And What Are They Called

Green Gemstones, What Are They And What Are They Called

The richest color in gemstones is green. The emerald is one of the most popular green gemstones. It's also the top-selling gemstone, along with sapphire, diamond, and ruby. But, pay attention! You will be amazed at the rare green diamonds that are found. You can buy a wide variety of 10 green gemstones to upgrade your jewelry box easily nowadays.

The emerald, as we have said before is the best green gemstone. The most sought-after emeralds are those from Colombia. Their green is free of yellow reflections. Its structure is beautiful and it evokes the forest. The Muso mine is home to the most well-known.

Another precious stone with intense green color is the diopside. In this instance, we have a crystal stone that has a deep, intense green but is closer to the olive. It doesn't have any blue reflections, and its color is due to chrome. Russia's most sought-after diopside is Jacuzzi.

It comes from Siberia in the middle of Siberia. The area is known for its low winter temperatures. This gem, which was a treasure after the fall of Berlin's wall, is now a must-have in important brands' great collections.

Tsavorite, the queen of garnets is an extraordinary gem. It is difficult to find large quantities. It was discovered in Tanzania in the 1960s and has been extracted in Tanzania and neighboring Kenya since then. It has a unique structure and a vivid color.