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Finding The Good ASL Interpreter

Finding The Good ASL Interpreter

To communicate effectively with people who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH), you must go beyond traditional spoken languages such as English or Spanish. American Sign Language (ASL) is the way a person should communicate with that person. And if you don't know how to sign ASL, then just like in any other language, you can always use an ASL interpreter.

The translation is the conversion of sign language or spoken dialogue from one language to another. When translating from ASL, the translator establishes communication by changing the spoken language from ASL and vice versa. You can also hire ASL translator assistance online.

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By hiring an ASL translator, you can establish clear communication with DHH while speaking normally. The interpreter is next to you and signs everything you say DHH so he can follow along.

When you finish speaking, DHH will sign a response which your translator will send back to you in spoken English. As an intermediary between you and DHH, the interpreter removes all communication barriers that exist between you and the other party.

It is important to maintain eye contact with the DHH side when speaking. At first, this may feel uncomfortable to many listeners. However, at a DHH party, you need to maintain eye contact when speaking.

This will let them know that you're still talking to them and haven't moved on because they can't record audio to let them know you've finished your dialogue.