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Endometriosis Pain Relief Therapies

Endometriosis Pain Relief Therapies

A lot of diseases do not require surgery to diagnose. Endometriosis, however, is an exception to the rule. You may have had to go through many tests and procedures before being diagnosed with endometriosis. Your search for answers ended with a laparoscopy, regardless of whether you were experiencing pain or discomfort and having trouble conceiving a baby.

What next? You have endometriosis. You are likely to have your doctor already recommended a course or closely monitoring you. Many other issues can arise from the disease, such as infertility. But there's also the issue of discomfort and pain. It is minimal for some women. It can be debilitating for others. How can you get rid of the pain? Is there any endometriosis resources for teenagers?

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Your symptoms will determine the type of pain treatment that you require. You may be able to take an anti-inflammatory drug to relieve your pain if you only have mild pelvic pain. Analgesics or oral contraceptives are often recommended by doctors.

Endometriosis sufferers can find relief by taking oral contraceptives (also known as birth control pills). GnRH agonists or Danazol can be used to prevent the growth of problem tissue. However, these pills are more effective in the treatment of more severe forms of endometriosis. Oral contraceptives can be used for mild pain. They have very few side effects.

Progestins are another effective way to relieve pain from endometriosis. Progestin therapy, which prevents endometrial tissue growing, is effective in relieving pain in most women. Most studies show that it is 80% effective. This drug can cause bleeding, fluid retention, nausea, depression, and other side effects. Danazol, another drug with similar benefits, is also available. It can cause weight loss, cramps, and hot flashes as well as depression.