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Elements Of A Comprehensive Brand Identity

Elements Of A Comprehensive Brand Identity

Over the years, the brand identity has evolved with companies adorning their offices and their product packaging with attractive logos and designs.

It is not a new phenomenon to see brand identities multiplying. They are used to differentiate the brand of one organization from another. Your healthcare business also needs its own brand identity to shine differently from other stars in the sky.

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Wikipedia states that branding began as a way to distinguish cattle from a person using a hot iron pad. Its origins date back to Antiquity. What is so new about corporate identity? The sophistication of today's brand managers is the novelty. And how many organizations are positioning themselves to be relevant in today's competitive market?

Marketers cannot afford to ignore the importance and relevance of brand identities. An effective brand identity has two distinct powers: recognition and differentiation. 

Brand identities are essential for an organization's target audience to “recognize” or recognize a brand among many other brands. Our sense organs are activated by the recognition attribute to identify with a specific brand.

It is generally known that customers will be more open to easily identifiable brands. To help their target audience identify them faster and easier, organizations are focusing on improving their brand identity.

Second, brands can “differentiate” themselves from similar competitors. Customers can identify a product, service, or business by their brand identity.