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Complete Protection With Gas Masks And Respirators

Complete Protection With Gas Masks And Respirators

Wearing a gas mask is the only way to stop tear gas from getting into your eyes. Some people try to cover their face with a rag soaked in water and other liquids. This is a terrible idea. It's possible to still get tear gas in your eyes, but it also gets into your lungs quickly. Gas masks can come in handy in such situations. For complete protection, one can purchase a Nato gas mask from

You should get out of a cloud full of tear gas as soon as you can. You should close your eyes and not breathe while you are trying to get rid of the gas. After you have gotten rid of the tear gas, take your hands off your face and use a water tap to clean your eyes.

The more you rinse your eyes, the less agent you'll get. Continue blowing your nose as often as you can. This will eliminate the agent from your sinuses. Moreover, it is important to buy a quality gas mask to protect against the effects of tear gas. It is important to stay calm. It can be very intense and you may feel like you are unable to breathe.

However, if you remain calm, you will make it less likely that it will get worse. Running around and panicking will only make it worse if you are already struggling to breathe. It will get better, it won't kill you. Gas masks offer protection against a variety of chemical agents including tear gas and pepper spray. A gas mask is a good investment for anyone who feels like they might be pulled into a riot.