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Communication with Alzheimer and Dementia Patients

Communication with Alzheimer and Dementia Patients

Professionals and their families need to communicate with clients suffering from dementia in a compassionate and effective manner. It is important to understand where our loved ones are and what they can comprehend. We also need to know how fast they process information.

We need to be able to understand where someone is in their dementia journey. To make them happy you can look for some activities by navigating this website.

Technology Assists for Dementia Patients and Caregivers

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They may have lucidity for long periods with occasional memory problems, or they might be interpreting the world from a particular time in their life, such as when a spouse was still living. 

This communication style is more likely to cause confusion and agitation. In these cases, it is best to redirect or distract the client. You might tell a client that he called years earlier to say that he would be coming home late and that she should get dinner ready for him.

Your communication style, or approach, is what matters most. While dementia patients might not be able to recognize you every now and again, they will still know if you are a good friend.

It is easy to imagine similar approaches for the next steps, such as fixing her hair, putting on her shoes, and ordering from a restaurant. It is important to approach every task with compassion and slowness. You can't expect every technique to work and no one method will work perfectly every time.