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Clear Face Masks May Improve Communication For People With Hearing Loss

Clear Face Masks May Improve Communication For People With Hearing Loss

Face masks have become part of our daily lives, but they produce challenges for those who have hearing loss. Among the biggest challenges are facial masks that are unclear facial expressions and mouth movements that help in communicating.

In addition, using facial masks can reduce speaker volume up to 10 decibels, which makes it more difficult to pay attention. Alternately, the clear face "protects" nurturing the face of the speaker. There are many online sites such as where you can buy clear face masks.

If a clear face mask is perfect for you, there are a number of things to consider when choosing one. First, start looking for substances that don't turn on when you breathe or talk. If not, the transparency of the mask is planned to be obscured. If you find a plastic fog when you talk, try rubbing a thin layer of dishwasher or shaving cream on plastic, then wiping with a paper towel.

Next, consider the face mask fitting in your ear. If you use a hearing aid behind the ear, you might choose to wear a face mask associated with the back of your mind rather than repeat your ear. It will alleviate the pressure in your ear and stop your hearing aid from dislodged when correcting or removing your mask.