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Bed Bug Treatment – Information about Bed Bugs and Extermination

Bed Bug Treatment – Information about Bed Bugs and Extermination

To be able to successfully treat bed bugs, it is important that you are familiar with the basics of bed bugs. This article will cover some basic facts about bed bugs. You will also learn how bed mites can enter your home and cause an infestation.

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How to Get Rid of Bedbugs Fast - Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are tiny insects that can reach lengths of up to 3/16 inches. Their bodies are flat and oval, and they can be colored mahogany or rusty-red. They aren't designed to fly because their wings are shorter and look more like wing pads.

Female bugs can lay as many as 200 eggs during their lifetime. It takes 21 days for the egg to hatch into a fully-grown bed mite. A mature bug can live up to 1 year.

The bed mites are most active at night and will hide in cracks or crevices on walls during the day. These pests prefer to live on wood or paper surfaces over plaster and stone surfaces.

To complete their nightly feeding, bed mites would require at least 10-20 minutes. The victim is often unaware of this process, which can leave them with itchy and inflamed bite marks.

You must regularly clean your home and treat the bed bugs. There are many things you should do to get rid of these pests. It is best to not attempt bed bug treatment yourself. If you are still unable to eliminate bed mites by yourself, professional assistance and instruction are available.