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Are You Cut Out to Be a Sommelier?

Are You Cut Out to Be a Sommelier?

The word sommelier comes from the Middle French term saumalier and refers to the person responsible for the provision and maintenance of warehouses in the royal household. The original word actually referred to the driver of a carrier animal. A modern sommelier is a person who focuses on the purchase, storage, and serving of wine and beverages in restaurants. You can consider the best  sommelier wine courses and professional certification for staff.

  • Do you like being around people and really make a living from them? In my opinion, good sommeliers must be "human beings". Does this sound like something you can or do you deviate from the public eye?

  • Are you interested in pairing customers with various types of wine? It's important to enjoy perfect wine with your food.
  • Do you think you can watch the wine cellar in a good restaurant, make sure it's stored properly, and keeping a good supply?
  • Do you want to work with chefs and all stress created by the restaurant? Some serve as wine consultants for restaurants. There are many responsibilities, but the results are worth the effort.
  • Do you have a good memory? You are expected to have wine, beer, and various types of alcoholic drinks and restaurant menus in "tip tongue". You should also know your wine – cheaper and more expensive wine.
  • Do you want to travel and compete with other sommeliers around the world? Part of the job description You will also visit vineyards and win refinery wherever your specific work directs you to the Sommelier.