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An Overview Of Vehicle Suspension Types

An Overview Of Vehicle Suspension Types

Although cars are one of the most common types of vehicles on the road today, other types of vehicles such as vans, pickups, utility vehicles, buses, and even motorbikes are the vehicles we see on the road every day. As these vehicles come in different weights, sizes, and uses, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for chassis design. Of the chassis designs used today, the most advanced is designed for luxury sports sedans and sports cars.

Based on the axle beam and leaf spring construction, inspired by horse tractors, modern high-quality vehicle suspensions have either dual support or multi-joint arms. These suspension components are made of lightweight materials, especially aluminum, which is much lighter than pressed steel without a spring. 

In addition, the suspension is equipped with high hardness bushings, anti-vibration grilles, and high-performance shock absorbers. The best car manufacturers even use shock absorbers cars containing magnetic fluids whose depreciation rate is controlled electronically. 

An Easy Guide to Types of Suspension - Car Keys

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The other end of the spectrum for vehicle suspensions are those used for off-road vehicles. Instead of focusing on ride quality and road management, all-terrain vehicle chassis types focus on chassis movement, stability, component strength, and ground clearance.

It is practically necessary to use sturdy suspension arms and overstock-length shock absorbers if a vehicle is to be considered a true off-roader. On four-wheeled vehicles, reliability and traction are the main factors, so it is not uncommon for live axle suspensions to be used routinely even today.