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A Complete Guide On Manual Handling Training In Dublin

A Complete Guide On Manual Handling Training In Dublin

Manual handling is a process of carrying or lifting objects around the workplace, be it heavy or lightweight. The staff engaged in such activities must be given proper training so as to avoid situations that can lead to accidents. Thus, it is the prime responsibility of their employers to train the personnel required to lift heavy objects, carry equipment from one place to another or use them while working.

In case of any injury or accidents, employers are obligated to compensate for the damage being caused. Failure to do so can lead to a breach of law and eventually result in serious consequences. Thus, manual handling training course in Dublin becomes the topmost priority for business owners.


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The training given to employees should include both theoretical as well as practical application. For some people, this method is not feasible especially for those who work on remote sites. In such a case, online training can be provided.

The course must give them practical knowledge about lifting objects safely, analyzing the load, planning the task assigned, working as a team, correct usage of equipment, personal protection, etc. How often the training needs to be imparted is up to the employer to decide. Some organizations prefer to conduct the sessions annually while others do it at certain intervals during a year.

One important thing to consider is that the training is not just meant for people who are involved in lifting heavy or lightweight objects but should also be given to those staff members who use force in performing tasks like pushing, pulling, etc.